Fine Leather Goods and Quality Craftsmanship


Co-founders EJ Colin and Raul Lince started Lederhaus to fill a gap. They've used everything from premium leather goods from abroad to department store bags and wallets that fall apart within months.

But how about bringing that artisanal quality home?

With their combined talents for marketing, business expansion, and designing detail-oriented products, they developed a plan and ethos that has become Lederhaus — Canada's latest leather boutique.

The Lederhaus Frame of Mind

At Lederhaus, we're artisans and we love what we do. In our Toronto, Ontario, boutique, we craft nothing but the best leather goods. Every premium carry-on and leather wallet passes through diligent hands and close inspections. We only sell what we would be proud to use everyday.

We're entrepreneurs. We know the importance of durable equipment — wallets that stand up to the wear of everyday movement and use and bags that survive being thrown into taxis, train seats, and overhead compartments and still look good doing it. With multi-functional, minimalist designs, we carry precious cargo and face the world professionally.

We're part of the community. All of our handcrafted leather goods are made in Canada by Canadians. By hand-dying, cutting, and polishing our own leather and hardware, we strive to create a business sustainable for ourselves and the world around us.

It's not easy delivering that kind of consistent quality, but we stand by our materials, our designs, and our talented people. Let Lederhaus show you how we make it happen.

Quality Materials

Our luxury leather bags and leather wallets start with, well, quality Italian leather. With the finest-grade, full-grain leather, you can expect a bag that can last up to 30 years. Instead of degrading after daily use, your bag will age gracefully and develop a rich patina that shows your story.

It's not just about the leather, though. With solid brass YKK zippers and individually-lacquered rings and feet, the Italian hardware on your bag matches the leather in aesthetic and quality. Glued and screwed in, the feet on our leather bags won't get left behind during travel.

Elegant Designs for Modern Living

To do these materials justice, we've come up with designs to match every relaxing or productive moment of your daily life.

The Trailblazer can be a casual weekend bag or a carry-on companion on redeye business flights. To maximize accessibility, it zips down to the very bottom so you can grab whatever you need from the roomy main compartment or secure individual pockets.

For over-the-shoulder comfort, trust the Pathfinder duffel bag. With an extra-sturdy, padded leather strap, this bag won't fall behind as you hop on the train. Tight outside pockets hold phones, tickets, and passports for easy access.

In the Traveller toiletry bag, you can store everything you need to freshen up after the gym or before important last-minute meetings. The 400-denier nylon liner is the same material used on military gear. Combine this with a polyurethane back coating for a Dopp kit that endures leaky shaving cream and coast-to-coast weather.

Secure your cash and cards in the Catalyst leather wallet. Six outer card slots surround an interior pocket for cash and IDs. With tight stitching and less bulk than regular wallets, this leather card holder rests comfortably in jacket and pants pockets.

Passionate Local Artisans

High-end leather and sleek designs don't necessarily mean great products. At Lederhaus, our team uses only the best, most sustainable methods to make everything from carry-on bags to small leather wallets and travel kits.

Like an ancient beam of hearty timber, our artisans stain each piece of leather. Through a process known as drum-dyeing, our high-end leather's natural characteristics shine through both slate and sandalwood finishes. Instead of cracking, our aniline leather develops rich patinas after prolonged daily use.

The characteristic wrinkles and folds on our leather goods aren't pressed in. They're tumbled over no less than eight hours to create a natural texture that combines classic elegance with modern simplicity.

High-quality stitching keeps it all together. From wallets with all-encompassing quarter-inch stitches to durable one-piece handles and heavy zippers, the team sews it up with durability in mind.

The best part is it's all done in Canada by Canadians. Assembled in our Toronto, Ontario, boutique, our team works day-in and day-out within the community. Locally-owned and operated, Lederhaus offers Canada unique, domestically-crafted leather goods made in its own market by its own skilled workers.

Creating Loyal Customers

Once again, Lederhaus recognizes how every part of the business comes into play. To keep our artisans creating quality leather goods, we look to our growing and loyal customer base. After all, meeting your needs for chic, sleek, and durable leather storage solutions is why we're here.

We create that trust by standing behind not just our products, but standing behind you. If you're not happy with your purchase within the first 30 days, contact us directly and we'll ensure a quick and seamless return.

Our products only come from us. To maintain the high quality our customers expect, we only sell our products through our store and website. This way, our premium leather goods have no stops between our artisans' workshops and your hands.

Experience Lederhaus Leather Goods

With international shipping, you can have Lederhaus products anywhere in the world. If you're an urban entrepreneur with a hectic schedule or like to relax by roaming far and wide, Lederhaus leather goods are perfect for you. Enjoy the quality materials, modern design, and passionate handiwork only found at Lederhaus by shopping online.