Leather Bags: Discover Our High Quality Premium Leather Bags!

A bag is more than just something you carry your laptop in on your commute to work. The image you present is part of your personal brand and helps you build a reputation of professionalism.

At the same time, you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a great-looking but low-quality bag that falls apart after a dozen uses.

At Lederhaus, we've combined the best of both worlds with high-quality leather that looks good but also stands the test of time. Proudly made in Canada, our bags combine the finest full-grain Italian leather with quality workmanship. 

Our leather bags are perfect for any man on the go, whether that's for work, travel, or any day-to-day activities. Best of all, they're designed so that, the more you use them, the leather looks better and improves over time.

If you love handcrafted leather goods, then you'll love our premium leather bags. Keep reading to find your new favourite bag to use whenever you're on the go.

Our Leather Bags

No matter which model you get, all our bags have the same high level of quality, craftsmanship, and thoughtful design.

All our bags are made of Italian full-grain leather. Unlike top-grain leather, which is sanded down and then imprinted with a "grain" pattern, Italian leather is full-grain leather that comes from the outermost section of hide.

The outermost hide is the most durable and doesn't need to be sanded down. Full-grain, Italian leather also has the best aesthetic appeal. It develops a unique character and sheen (called patina) over time.

Italy's tanneries have been using traditional vegetable tanning for generations. Each generation draws on the expertise of its ancestors while developing and refining new techniques. This is what makes Italian leather so superior.

Besides using the highest quality leather, our bags have solid brass hardware which won't tarnish over time. They also feature strong, rot- and UV-resistant stitching, water-resistant lining, and reinforced corners for added durability.

Trailblazer Bag

Like all our bags, the Trailblazer Bag has what's called an aniline finish. This means that it has been dyed with a water-soluble dye.

Only the highest quality leathers are suitable for an aniline finish. This is because the dyeing process keeps the natural look of the leather underneath, including any characteristics and markings. 

The best part about aniline leather is that the more it wears, the better and more unique it looks, just like your favourite leather jacket.

Because aniline finish isn't painted and shows all the characteristics of the leather underneath, be sure to take good care of your bag.

The Trailblazer Duffel Bag features YKK zippers made of solid brass, Italian-made zipper pulls, individually lacquered rings (also from Italy), and 5 feet at the bottom so you can put your bag down without damaging it.

Comfort and Convenience

One great feature of the Trailblazer Bag is that it zips to the bottom of both sides. This makes it easy for you to access everything in your bag.

The Trailblazer Bag also comes with a solid leather strap featuring Italian hardware that comes from the same company that makes the rings. This means that all the hardware on your bag will match for a classy look.

The bag also features a sturdy leather strap to make carrying your bag over your shoulder more comfortable.

The inside of the bag features a large zipper compartment, a pocket for your phone or passport, and 2 individual pockets.

Pathfinder Bag

The Pathfinder Duffel Bag also features an aniline finish. The leather for this bag has been tumbled for at least eight hours to get a pebble-like finish that's natural (and not machine printed). 

Like the Trailblazer Bag, the Pathfinder Bag features YKK zippers, Italian-made hinged zipper pulls and handle rings, and a full leather shoulder strap.

The Pathfinder Bag has two outside pockets (one on each end of the bag) for quick access. It also has one large zipper pocket and two individual interior pockets for quick organization.

As with all our products, the inside of the bag is fully lined with a 420 denier nylon. This material is water-repellent and is so sturdy that it's used for military equipment such as tactical vests.

The bottom piece of the Pathfinder Bag can also be removed for easy cleaning.

Both the Trailblazer Bag and the Pathfinder Bag are great options for travel, business, or a weekend trip. Best of all, they meet domestic and international carry-on requirements so you can take your bag anywhere you go.

And for more quality and style, you can get the matching Catalyst Wallet in the colour of your duffel bag for a complete look.

Traveller Bag

To complement your larger bags and keep the contents of your bag organized, getting a matching toiletry bag is a great option. 

Our Traveller Bag is a toiletry bag that you can use with both the Trailblazer and Pathfinder bags. Like these two bags, the Traveller bag comes in two colours: Slate, a sleek, modern black colour, and Sandalwood, a warm, sophisticated brown. 

Like all our bags, the Traveller bag features a YKK zipper, an Italian-made hinged zipper pull for comfort, a water-repellent, 420 denier nylon lining, and thread that's so strong that it's actually classified as cable. 

The bag also features a handle on the side for convenience, as well as a water-resistant inside zipper pocket.

Premium Design and Quality With Lederhaus

A quality leather bag is an investment that can last you 20-30 years with the proper care. 

When you buy a Lederhaus bag, you are investing in premium Italian leather that's hand-crafted by our skilled Canadian artisans. 

And when you complement your image with one of our leather bags, you get both sturdy quality and modern, sleek design for years to come. Each of our leather products is handcrafted in small batches, ensuring consistent quality for each product.

Whether you're looking for an everyday business bag or a bag for weekend trips, take a look at our selection today.